Centrally in the campaign are Landsbyggarna, the driven entrepreneurs and associations that build the land; build their own lives in the place where they want to live and thrive; to identify the opportunities and carry through. They who are motivated by drive and passion while sharing these with others – that’s what describes a Landsbyggare!

Landsbyggare and the campaign are based on the platform which is aimed at inspiring others, step by step, to dare take the plunge. We drive the traffic to the website via the Instagram account Landsbyggare and via our own Facebook account using the material produced. We are also running an opinion site where we and others may spread the positive images of life in rural areas.

The work is also based on cooperation and the spreading via Landsbyggare and the entrepreneurs of photos and films from the campaign aimed at highlighting the image of the rural areas where we are. Photos and films have been produced, portraying the Landsbyggare including tips on how to get started and one film showing how we can help realize ideas. The Landsbyggare community is represented in each regional campaign by a number of businesses, distributed across business sector and geographical spread, which have contributed to the regional development in their own ways.

With this campaign we want to inspire others by showing the Landsbyggare who have already taken the step. To inspire others to realize their ideas, move to the countryside to run the business or develop the ideas.

Everyone who so wishes can become a Landsbyggare, and once your mind is set, do contact us!